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miyavi_daily's Journal

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This is a picture community dedicated to Miyavi. All posts must contain a picture. No exceptions. I made this community so we could all appreciate his beauty. You can never have enough pictures of him. ;)

Post must contain ONE UNEDITED PHOTO. that means not PS'd, not an icon, colorbar etc. ONE UNRETOUCHED PHOTO

no matter how many times I say this, people still try to bitch at me when I remind them of it. Not cool, and not tolerated. That's the rule, so deal. The rules are not up for discussion, don't like the way i have my community, don't join.


-EVERY post must contain a picture, even your introduction post.

-The picture can be of Miyavi and other people but it has to have Miyavi in it. No exceptions.

-Posts may not contain links to picture(s)(This means no links to different picture galleries, your journal, etc.).

-If posting more than one picture, please use the LJ cut feature.

-If posting a picture outside of the LJ cut, please make sure it isn't too big, be dial-up friendly.

-No flaming! Play nice, or else!

-No Hotlinking! Hot linking is when you steal someone's bandwith by posting their image links on your own journal. The way to not do this follows: When you see a picture you like posted here, just save it to your own computer. Then you have to go to your own photobucket account or other image host and upload it yourself. Do not be lazy and just use a member's links. You wouldn't want your photobucket account not working due to exceeded bandwith. Just don't do it and everyone can be happy.

-It is ok if you post pictures that have already been posted. There is no way everyone could keep up with all of the pictures on here, and besides you can never get enough of a good thing.

-If posts don't follow the guidelines, the maintainers can/will delete the post/posts.

If you have any questions about how to post a picture, want to know a site to where you can upload your pictures, or you have just any questions in general, you can write to me @ rawkstarr22@hotmail.com.

Not to be a bitch, but I have the right to ban/kick you out of the community if you don't play fair. And I will do this. I won't put up with brats. Either get along or get out.

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