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Miyavi in Australia! 
6th-Feb-2009 04:12 pm
Hi all,
My first time posting here so please excuse me if this isn't allowed, but there's a group of people here in Australia working to bring Miyavi to us. So all Australian MYV fans:

A friend of mine has created a MySpace page in order to gather signatures, and I've offered to do a LiveJournal hunt for her as well, so here's all the information you need to know, and the link to the petition! Please help us!!

(All text below has been taken from the MySpace site - join to support us in bringing MYV to Aus!)


I have a very kind offer from a person who is organising the Miyavi concert for Thailand and Singapore who is willing to help us bring Miyavi down to Australia for a gig/live since she knows his manager.

But before that, we need a show of hands to see how many people are willing to go to his gig. 1000-1500 people are needed for him to come. You have to be at least 75% sure, because if it's organised and only like 100 people buy his tickets nationally, it'd be cancelled.

Please sign this petition

We need as much people as possible or it can't go ahead.
It's most probable to happen around July-August, which I think is a good idea since our exams run in June.
And she said it most likely would be hosted in Sydney, but it depends which state has more people I guess.

So just to summarise:

Venue: Sydney? (But it's to be confirmed, he may have lives in more than one state, it depends how many fans there are)

Date & time: July-August (To be confirmed as well; it would most likely be an evening show)

Price: 6500yen? (This is unconfirmed too, it's just an estimate)



Thank you!! We can't do it without your help! Anyone who would like to know more, message me or visit the MySpace page, and any links to Miyavi forums or communities to spread the word would be greatly appreciated.

12th-Feb-2009 07:20 am (UTC)
Sorry, I'm not from Australia... But really, I wish you all the best. Miyavi already comes to my country [and comes again in july], and is very easy fill a stage with people... here was more than 2000... and the VIP ticket cost 6500yen roughly ;D

Greetings to all MYV Fans from Chile ;D
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